A Quick Guide to Tumblr for Business

With the rise of Pinterest and Tumblr's astounding growth, it seems that 2012 may be the year of the visual platform. Tumblr surpassed 15 billion monthly pageviews in January, and Pinterest is driving some serious traffic to retailers. We've already covered some best practices for brands on Pinterest, but if you're looking to mix up your content creation, try Tumblr. To date, there have been 16,827,658,845 posts on the site, so isn't it time you get it on the action?

Lauren Drell

Four Free Tools For Better Tweeting

Just because you're not ready to shell out $99 per month to figure out the best times to tweet and post Facebook status updates doesn't mean you can't take better control of understanding your social media output.

Indeed, paid Twitter analytics services may offer way more than the average user needs. And despite increasing sophistication of their competitors, some of the best analytics tools remain free for users, either on a trial or permanent basis. Here are four free tools to get you started in better understanding how and when to tweet.

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Web Design: Widgets, Geegaws, AutoPlay, and Busy Busy Busy!

I went to to read the article on Glock's pricing plan that I posted here. It's a great read, and I had sent it around to a couple clients who enjoy reading case studies (I hope).

I had originally found the story through my iPhone's Flipboard app, (which if you don't use go get it this minute for your iOS device). The UI is much different on Flipboard than, or any other site not specifically set up to look like, well... Flipboard.

Andrew Franks

Pricing Technology Breakthroughs: The Glock Lesson

You have a new version of an old product, and it’s great: better functionality for most users and lower production costs than previous models. You’ve hit a technological home run. But how do you price it?

This is a nice problem to have, but it’s definitely a problem. Set your price low and you earn moderate profit margins on large volume—if the low price doesn’t spook buyers into thinking it’s a low-quality product. Price high and you earn high profit margins on low volume, as most users are slow to adopt new technology.

Bill Conerly

Keep Your Computer Bug-Free

No matter what you may have heard, there is not a single operating system out there that’s impervious to viruses. Windows has statistically seen the most malware cases in the past, but that’s merely because hackers and malicious coders aim for the largest possible demographic. Now that Apple computers are becoming immensely popular and the Linux operating system is becoming more intuitive for beginners, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about virus protection and to know what to do when you do get a virus, no matter what OS you're working with.

Jack Donovan

Who Needs Facebook Stock When Timken Ball Bearing Is Returning 49 Percent?

NEW YORK (AP) — Investors thinking of buying a piece of Facebook after it goes public are hoping it will perform like Google, whose stock has risen 500 percent since its debut seven and a half years ago.

But they may want to spare a thought for companies slightly less exciting — a truck leasing company, perhaps, or a manufacturer of ball bearings.

Stocks of those two have left Google, and the investors who didn't get into it early, in the dust in the past several years. So have more than half the companies in the Standard & Poor's 500 index.

Take These Steps To Make Sure Your Facebook Profile Isn't Visible To Millions Of People

Depending on your number of friends, you could have as many as seven million people seeing your Facebook profile.

That's a lot of people.

The problem is the "Friends of Friends" visibility option. With this enabled, all of your friends' friends — most likely people you don't know — can see parts of your profile.

Even the average Facebook user, assumed to have 245 friends, will be seen by over 150,000 people through "Friends of Friends."

To keep your Facebook activity contained to your friends, follow these steps:

Kevin Lincoln

How Susan G. Komen For The Cure Torpedoed Its Brand

What a difference a week makes.

On Tuesday, January 31, Susan G. Komen For The Cure announced that it would not renew its grants to Planned Parenthood for breast cancer exams, claiming that it doesn't permit funding to organizations under investigation by Congress. This is equal to more than half a million dollars for low-income women who otherwise would have no options for breast cancer screening and other services.