What makes or breaks a Web design is often hidden in the details


When first starting out on a project, major aspects of a site like color, form, shape and whitespace get all the attention. Of course, these traits are extremely important, but it’s imperative to see that larger elements of your site aren’t the only things that deserve your attention. Experienced designers know that what makes or breaks a website is often hidden in the details.

Harrison Weber

Keep Your Computer Bug-Free

No matter what you may have heard, there is not a single operating system out there that’s impervious to viruses. Windows has statistically seen the most malware cases in the past, but that’s merely because hackers and malicious coders aim for the largest possible demographic. Now that Apple computers are becoming immensely popular and the Linux operating system is becoming more intuitive for beginners, it’s more important than ever to be proactive about virus protection and to know what to do when you do get a virus, no matter what OS you're working with.

Jack Donovan
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