What makes or breaks a Web design is often hidden in the details


When first starting out on a project, major aspects of a site like color, form, shape and whitespace get all the attention. Of course, these traits are extremely important, but it’s imperative to see that larger elements of your site aren’t the only things that deserve your attention. Experienced designers know that what makes or breaks a website is often hidden in the details.

Harrison Weber

Buzz Rethinks How the iPhone Handles Contacts


Buzz Contacts for iPhone is the latest offering from savvy apps, makers of the popular alternative calendar app, Agenda. Both apps take built-in iOS apps and offer new interfaces to save users time and sanity. Actually, Buzz takes on three apps at once: Contacts, Phone and Messages. It also uses FaceTime, a feature another popular third-party contacts app doesn't have.

Jon Mitchell

OS X Mountain Lion: 5 Most Exciting New Features


Apple’s Mountain Lion update to Mac OS X is an affirmation of just how important the cloud and iOS integration has become to anyone who uses a desktop Mac. More than 100 new features have been added to the operating system, and many emphasize Apple’s desire to create a single platform that integrates mobile, social and cloud features across multiple devices.

Christina Bonnington