All Web Developers Should Stop Doing This Immediately

Note: I wrote about practices like this here, and while I didn't discuss this explicitly, the linking strategy of pigeonholing web viewers, the practice of "Download my app" is one of the most frustrating, especially when you can't get back to your expected content easily.  Or in some cases, at all.

Christopher Mims

Web Design: Widgets, Geegaws, AutoPlay, and Busy Busy Busy!

I went to Forbes.com to read the article on Glock's pricing plan that I posted here. It's a great read, and I had sent it around to a couple clients who enjoy reading case studies (I hope).

I had originally found the story through my iPhone's Flipboard app, (which if you don't use go get it this minute for your iOS device). The UI is much different on Flipboard than Forbes.com, or any other site not specifically set up to look like, well... Flipboard.

Andrew Franks
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